client expectations
Have you ever been working with a client and think everything is going well, when out of the blue they decide not to continue working with you? Or maybe you’ve been waiting for them to […]

Setting client expectations

Blog Content
When I started my first business, Agility Marketing, I knew that the fastest way to grow my online presence was consistent blog content that my target audience would find useful. And, let’s be honest, I […]

3 ways to get blog content for your site

Contributing writer for FPO and FounderSync
After a year of stepping back, I’ve restarted my freelance writing business. Part of that process is updating my Portfolio page with links for articles I’ve previously written, and making sure the previously added links […]

How to find old posts with the Way Back Machine

step back to leap forward in your business
I wrote the first version of this post as a contributing writer for and it was posted there on May 29, 2012. They have since taken their posts down. I’ve updated it for relevance and […]

Why You Should Take a Step Back to Leap Forward

customers want solutions
Has a client ever asked you for a specific tool rather than help finding a solution? I’ve seen this throughout my career. Before i became an entrepreneur, my professional roles included being an IT Requirements […]

Give your clients solutions not tools

business processes grow your business
Processes for contracts, on boarding clients, surveys, and other external facing activities are vital to keeping your business running and ensuring success. However, your internal processes are just as important – if not more so! A […]

How internal processes grow your business