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A proven methodology to assess, prioritize, and create your business processes so they work for you and your team.

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Creating and updating processes for your company’s business activities takes a lot of time, energy and quite often requires project management, requirements, and business analysis skills that aren’t always common knowledge.
My experience has taught me that a business can go only so far without written processes. Once a company increases their customer base and adds team members, they are quickly overwhelmed by chaos and costly mistakes.

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I do a high level audit of your written and unwritten processes and prioritize them based on where

Not sure how to start writing your processes? That’s where I come in! I use a proprietary method

From business process assessment to strategy to training, inkerB Consulting can help you organize and streamline your operations.
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Lisa Shaughnessy

Founder and Principal at inkerB Consulting
Lisa brings 25 years of experience in business processes, requirements, project management and customer account management.

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