Kelley Sanabria CEO, Femworking 

Lisa is a workflow and process GENIUS. She has single-handedly resuscitated our leadership program while aligning our needs to simplified workflows that are easy to use and make sense. Not only does she have a keen eye for how to outline workflows, but she is so sweet and SO much fun to work with. She's an excellent communicator and I am grateful every day for the talent that she has brought to my company!

LouAnn Watley-Belk Owner, LouAnn Watley Design

I worked with Lisa to create a business process for my non-existent lead generation. Within hours of developing it (which by the way, exactly as Lisa promised, turned out to be so simple and freeing...) I used the established process on a prospective client. Instead of feeling like I was generally winging it, I felt in control, which completely influences your interaction with prospectives. Lisa will give you guidance, help you clarify the unnecessary steps you thought you needed & often provide related tips on tools and strategies that will help you move forward with your business goals. 

Marcia Sheehan   Founder, Charmed Cardinals

The first official process I made for my business was my first of the month newsletter. Following the guidance Lisa shared with me in one of her workshops I took everything out of my head and put it onto a word doc. Creating the process allowed me to see ways I was making more work for myself and allowed me to tweak it as necessary. Now I know that when the time comes for me to hand that task off to a virtual assistant he/she won't have to figure out all the steps on the time clock which will save me money! Until I'm able to hire someone I can dive in and not rethink the same thing every month. Lisa is 100% my process fairy Godmother. Her and I share in the excitement any time I create a time/money saving process for my society.