Processes let you easily hand off tasks to others

Time Management Business ProcessesYou did it! You finally made the leap and started your business! That initial excitement will give way to overwhelm (if it hasn’t already), as you juggle all of the pieces of running the back end of the business (marketing, bookkeeping, product development, etc) in addition to the customer facing pieces.

Don’t worry, though, the excitement will come back with each new client that you bring on or product that you roll out. But eventually something will have to give and you’ll need help.

Before you think to yourself, “Nah, I got this. I won’t need help”, hear me out.

When you need to bring on team members

What happens to your business if you get sick? Don’t you dream of taking that much-needed vacation? Somebody will need to be able to step in and keep things running if you’re not there. And if you’re planning for growth, you certainly can’t do it all by yourself forever. The time will come when you need to outsource to a Virtual Assistant or hire team members. Will you be ready when all of your hard work pays off?

The whole reason you bring on team members is that you’re busy and overloaded with tasks – the last thing you need added to your list is putting together the steps for their tasks. Training team members will be a snap when you have written processes that you can hand over. You’ll have the gaps filled in, steps in the right order, helpful screenshots and links, and supporting templates.

Need help getting started with processes?

If you’re not sure how to get started organizing and writing your processes so you can easily hand them off, take my 5-Lesson email mini course “Increase Growth & Profits with Processes”.

By the last lesson you’ll have completed one process for your business and have the tools to create more.

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