How processes boost your business confidence

How processes boost your business confidence

Feel More ConfidentDo you panic when potential clients contact you because you’re not prepared? Do you actually hope for less business coming your way? You’re not alone.

I know that you want to grow and increase revenue. But, do you have repeatable processes, from lead generation to closing the sale to onboarding clients, that would allow you to take on the work? If not, you could end up losing confidence, which can create a negative cycle if it’s not addressed.

Processes solve business confidence problems

I know the many benefits of having written processes, but I hadn’t thought of processes in quite this way before one of my workshop attendees, Lou-Ann Watley-Belk, clued me in on this great byproduct of having them.

She told me that once she got her processes in place she felt more confident in her ability to do her work. Before, when a prospective customer would contact her, she didn’t have a standard way of finding out what they needed and how she could help. She was spending a lot of time talking with them in the pre-qualification stage instead of having a form they could fill out ahead of time.

Lou-Ann is a graphic designer and creates brand identities so there are a lot of moving parts to her business. Without processes she was doing all of those tasks from memory. This increased the time spent on each client, which would have decreased her revenue over time.

Now when a lead comes in she just goes to her checklist and processes and starts doing what she needs to do. With her processes, checklists, and systems in place, Lou-Ann has more time for her client work. And she no longer panics when a prospective client reaches out.

Want to boost your business confidence?

If you need to start working on your processes or just refine what you have, here are three great options for you to choose from:

  1. If you don’t have any written processes or have a few, but don’t know how to easily create them, the best place to start is with my 5-part email mini-course, Increase Growth & Profits with Processes.
  2. If you have some written processes that are working ok for you, but you need to make them more efficient and easier to use, my business topic-specific workshops will help you immensely. Check out the details, dates, and locations: Simplified Workflows Workshops
  3. If you just need some templates and tutorials on certain areas, I have a small, but growing, number of free and paid products that can help Process Tutorial and Templates

Know before you go

If you’re like me, you want to know who you’re working with before you commit time or money. Check out my Testimonials Page and reviews on my Facebook Business page to see what other small business owners like you accomplished.

Facebook doesn’t make it easy to see the reviews. On the FB page click the Reviews link on the left and then the “Most Recent” link in the middle.

Processes boost confidence

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