3 ways to get blog content for your site

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Blog ContentWhen I started my first business, Agility Marketing, I knew that the fastest way to grow my online presence was consistent blog content that my target audience would find useful. And, let’s be honest, I also needed to be able to rank in Google searches.

I didn’t have a known name or any business contacts. I was starting from scratch and needed people to know about me as quickly as possible to build a successful business.

But, as all new business owners know, there’s not a lot of extra time during that start-up phase; especially when it’s just you. An even bigger disadvantage for me was having spent the previous 20 years in the military and government with no exposure to the online business model that I was starting. I didn’t even know there were options other than me writing my own posts – that’s how new to this I was!

If you’re a time-strapped small business owner still trying to figure out how to keep Google’s search algorithm happy and give your audience the information they need, here are 3 ways to get blog content for your site.

1. Write your own blog content

The most obvious way to get more blog content is to write it yourself. No one knows your business better than you do. And writing in your voice will let your current and potential customers get to know you and your personality better.

For ideas on creating your own posts that are engaging and informative I found this great post on Unfunnel.com, The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas for 2016.

But, it can be very time consuming to write your own posts. While important, you may push it off in favor of other business activities. Or, you may just put a post up even though it’s not the best quality.

So, if you know you just don’t have the time to create consistent, quality posts, the next two options may be what you’re looking for.

2. Contract with a content creating service

If you don’t enjoy writing, or you want to spend more time on other business growth activities, another option is to check out businesses that offer blog writing services. Google that phrase and you’ll find many that you can look into.

Typically, you’ll contract with them to write a certain number of blog posts for you per month on specific topics. You choose your keywords and someone on their staff of writers creates the titles and content that you’ll approve through a dashboard. They can post the final copy to your blog or you can choose to post it yourself.

I used a service like this when I started Agility Marketing. You can read why I did this and how it helped my business in lesson #2 of this post, The Reality of Losing a Business Partner – 3 Important Lessons.

These services hire staff writers or use freelancers so they will write posts for you that are factually accurate and have the right keywords. However, because the writers are hired to churn out multiple posts for a variety of clients, the posts can sometimes sound a little sterile and will lack your personality. Depending on the business you’re in and your audience, that may be ok. If you want to cut out the middleman and hire a writer directly, you have another option.

3. Hire a freelancer or Virtual Assistant (VA)

The third option is to hire a freelancer or VA to write your posts. This gives you the good parts from both of the above options. You’ll need to research potential candidates and talk with them to make sure they understand the content you want and the flavor of your voice.

Working directly with a freelance writer allows him/her to get to know you and your business. That level of intimate knowledge combined with the writer’s experience can give you more personalized blog posts than a content farm – without sacrificing quality.

How do you create content for your site?

Drop a comment and let me know what you’re doing to get consistent blog content that your audience finds useful

How I can help you

If option 3 interests you, and you need someone to write blog posts on small business topics, learn how I can help you on my Content Creation & Portfolio page. I write posts on a variety small business topics, including: marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, startups, lessons learned, business processes and more! 

About Lisa Shaughnessy

Lisa Shaughnessy helps small businesses increase growth and profit through her business process workshops and consulting services. Her clients successfully get business activities out of their heads and into written, repeatable processes and systems, enabling them to easily hand off tasks to others, open more time for clients to increase revenue, and prevent costly mistakes. Lisa is also a speaker and writer on small business topics, When she's not helping small businesses reach their full potential, Lisa loves to travel, golf, and hang out with her husband Rob, family, and friends.

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