Business Process Workshops

​Are you running your business or is your business running you down?

Want to feel less stressed and more organized while growing your business?

Every day that you don’t have business processes and workflows in place is costing you real dollars. Spending 5 hours a week redoing tasks, answering the same questions, re-looking up information, etc., equates to losing 1,000s or 10s of thousands of dollars per week! What could you do with that money? Pay a VA to help out, invest in a paid platform, increase advertising to gain more customers. Discover how to create processes so you spend more of their time on business growth activities and less on daily tasks!

  • By the time you leave the 90 minute workshop you will have one complete process to use immediately in your business.
  • There are just 6 slots per workshop in order to give all participants individualized attention - so reserve your seat before they're gone!

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See below for workshop testimonials:

Beth Offenbacker  Owner, Waterford, Inc

Lisa is an amazing workshop leader and I'm deeply grateful for her leadership and expertise in creating processes. The Simplified Workflows for Sales Workshop was super focused and incredibly helpful! We talked about elements I didn't realize are part of the process - super valuable!​

Heather Myklegard  Owner, Social Moxie

Thanks to Lisa Shaughnessy for giving of her time, talent, and positive energy as she lead us through a process to create funnels and systems within our businesses! I left with 4 funnels! That is the furthest I have gotten in almost 5 years in business. THANK YOU, Lisa!!

Naomi Hattaway  Owner, 8th & Home

The brainstorming segment and being able to dial in on the small segments was a valuable part of the workshop. I have already put into practice the system-building project [I created during the Simplified Workflows for Marketing Process Workshop] and am EXCITED!


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