Process Workshops

Process Workshops

Customized to fit your business needs.

Are you limited on time and need to move now to get your team on the same page?  My tailored workshops allow your team to jump right into documenting and understanding your processes to get consistent results faster.

The advantages of building a process with a group is that each person will have a different view of the process and we can better capture all of the information at one time. 

These are the words my business process workshop attendees used before the workshops began:

Overwhelmed. Unfocused. Disorganized and scattered. Confused and unorganized. Not very confident. Frazzled and overwhelmed. Stressed and overwhelmed.  

And here is what they said after the workshop:

More comfortable. Feel like a rockstar. Have a plan to move forward. Clear and purpose-driven. Hopeful and more organized. Very confident. Streamlined and centered. Optimistic and excited. More clarity on my business. I’m on the right track. Motivated.
Let's Shift You from Overwhelmed to Confident
7- Step Method:Using my 7-step method I guide your team through creating a written and repeatable process. This takes out the overwhelm of creating a process from a blank slate and helps them better understand what needs to be done in each piece of the process.
Tailored Consulting:You will also get tailored consulting during the workshop. Using my knowledge and experience creating processes for companies of all sizes I provide participants with ideas on how to add value to the business activity as well as tools and automation to improve it.
Supporting Documents:I’ll help you create supporting documents such as templates, checklists, forms, etc to add even more time and money saving efficiencies.

Workshop Testimonials

Before the [Training A Virtual Assistant] business process workshop I was disorganized and scattered. After the workshop I had 1 process created, fleshed out the larger picture for my business and now have a place to start. This workshop was very helpful and I feel like I’m headed in the right direction.

Lisa McLaughlin Owner District Line Co.

I was unfocused about how to go about creating the numerous processes I need. Now I feel like I have a plan to move forward. And the template [for creating a process] is great!

Bess Terril Owner Be Well Bookkeeping

After the [Turning Leads into Clients Process] workshop I felt like a rockstar! I know how to set up my processes and am completely ready to get my business up and running smoothly. Lisa you are amazing! I cannot wait to use all of the information I learned today. Anyone thinking about taking this workshop don’t wait!

Michelle Merritt The Merritt Team Real Estate Agency

I was doing some bookkeeping for a client, and I decided to document the process that I go through with them, complete with screenshots like Lisa recommended. And using Google Docs–again, like Lisa recommend. I also threw in a video tutorial in my documented process. Doing so took less time than I expected. I’m so excited! This is going to help save me so much time. Plus, when I finally do hire a bookkeeper, I’ll be able to clearly show him or her what I…

Shawanda Greene Owner Ignited Financial

Lisa led a team of three consultants and five government employees to implement a one million dollar transformation project of Strategic Account Management (SAM) processes that affected 20,000 customers world-wide. Her efforts transformed the previous SAM activities into a truly strategic organization and ensured SAMs were better equipped to do their jobs due to standardization and documentation of processes.

Tony Barker Division Chief, Enterprise Engagement Defense Intelligence Agency

Lisa Shaughnessy is a process goddess!  Her enthusiasm for helping organizations work smarter not harder is infectious.  She took the time to understand my business, partnered with me during the process, pushed me to consider all the options, but didn’t try to force me down any particular path.  I’ve incorporated the results of our collaboration into my daily business routine.  Not only would I call upon again for help, but I plan to invite her to partner with me on client engagements.

Tom Fish Managing Director Go Beyond LLC

Lisa is an amazing workshop leader and I’m deeply grateful for her leadership and expertise in creating processes. The Simplified Workflows for Sales Workshop was super focused and incredibly helpful! We talked about elements I didn’t realize are part of the process for me super valuable!

Beth Offenbacker Founder and Principal Waterford, Inc

Lisa is a workflow and process GENIUS. She has single-handedly resuscitated our leadership program while aligning our needs to simplified workflows that are easy to use and make sense. Not only does she have a keen eye for how to outline workflows, but she is so sweet and SO much fun to work with. She’s an excellent communicator and I am grateful every day for the talent that she has brought to my company!