Process Creation

Process Creation

I document what you do

Do you need to prevent costly mistakes and stop unnecessary rework? That’s where I come in! I use a proprietary method to easily create written processes that you and your team can follow to get consistent results.

Starting with the highest priority process from your Audit, I interview all relevant employees about the current implementation and workflow. We will use this information to create the new streamlined process steps, along with the appropriate metrics, automation, tools, templates, checklists, and forms to ensure maximum efficiency.

A Focused Approach
Defining the business activity:We'll make sure each step directly supports the stated activity.
Defining the metrics:We'll assign measurements for you to track success.


Lisa Shaughnessy has worked directly in the trenches with me, helping an important client develop a strategy, and then implement it. We helped the client define their audiences, target their activity, and have watched them grow their exposure and influence.

Lisa was a great teammate, a great listener, and a great teacher! Highly recommend her!

Gary Levine Owner/CEO WSI Webmark

Lisa Shaughnessy was the lead for an IT Process Team that developed detailed processes for the Defense Intelligence Agency-wide IT Requirements Board, ensuring that it would run smoothly and be successful in fulfilling IT Requirements efficiently for customers across the globe.

Pierre Perrin Division Chief, Customer Relationship Management Defense Intelligence Agency

Lisa led a team of three consultants and five government employees to implement a one million dollar transformation project of Strategic Account Management (SAM) processes that affected 20,000 customers world-wide. Her efforts transformed the previous SAM activities into a truly strategic organization and ensured SAMs were better equipped to do their jobs due to standardization and documentation of processes.

Tony Barker Division Chief, Enterprise Engagement Defense Intelligence Agency

Lisa Shaughnessy is a process goddess!  Her enthusiasm for helping organizations work smarter not harder is infectious.  She took the time to understand my business, partnered with me during the process, pushed me to consider all the options, but didn’t try to force me down any particular path.  I’ve incorporated the results of our collaboration into my daily business routine.  Not only would I call upon again for help, but I plan to invite her to partner with me on client engagements.

Tom Fish Managing Director Go Beyond LLC

The brainstorming segment and being able to dial in on the small segments was a valuable part of the workshop. I have already put into practice the system building project [I created during the Simplified Workflows for Marketing Processes Workshop] and am EXCITED!

Naomi Hattaway Owner 8th & Home Real Estate & Relocation

The first official process I made for my business was my first of the month newsletter. Following the guidance Lisa shared with me in one of her workshops I took everything out of my head and put it onto a word doc. Creating the process allowed me to see ways I was making more work for myself and allowed me to tweak it as necessary. Now I know that when the time comes for me to hand that task off to a virtual assistant he/she won’t have to figure out all the steps on the time clock which will save me money! Until I’m able to hire someone I can dive in and not rethink the same thing every month. Lisa is 100% my process fairy Godmother. Her and I share in the excitement any time I create a time/money saving process for my society.

Marcia Sheehan Founder Charmed Cardinals

I worked with Lisa to create a business process for my non-existent lead generation. Within hours of developing it (which by the way, exactly as Lisa promised, turned out to be so simple and freeing…) I used the established process on a prospective client. Instead of feeling like I was generally winging it, I felt in control, which completely influences your interaction with prospectives. Lisa will give you guidance, help you clarify the unnecessary steps you thought you needed & often provide related tips on tools and strategies that will help you move forward with your business goals.

LouAnn Watley-Belk Owner LouAnn Watley Design