I’ve put this portfolio page together so you can get to know me better. And see what other small business owners are saying about the work I’ve done for them on my Testimonials Page.

Marketing, social media, and business articles, posts, and books

LisaShaughnessy.biz posts

I’ve written all of the posts on this site. While I have written on a variety of topics, here are are some examples for Business topics.

HowToQuitYourBusiness.com blog posts

Books I’ve written or co-written:

Savvy Digital Business blog posts:

Here are a few samples of post I wrote while was a partner at SavvyDigitalBusiness.com. You can find the full list at Savvy Digital Business – Lisa Shaughnessy Posts

Other articles:

I wrote all content for, and taught, monthly social media seminars for small business owners at Community Business Partnership from Jan 2013 to Dec 2014. (see sidebar for testimonial)

Guest Posts I’ve written:

I was a regular contributing writer for FitnessProfessionalOnline

Note: these links are currently not working due to FPO updating their website. I’ve contacted them and they will be sending me updated links.

My lectures on MovementLectures.com

I have been featured on the following sites:

From May 2012 through Nov 2012 I contributed to FounderSync.com’s blog for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, they took all of their old blog posts down when they converted so the following articles are no longer available on the web.

  • Tips to Make Sure Your Business Is Ready For Success – Nov 29, 2012
  • Show Your Customers Some Love – October 1, 2012
  • Is Your Website Designed For You or Your Customers– July 31, 2012
  • Take Steps Back in Order to Take a Giant Leap Forward – May 29, 2012

Press release on Online PR Media – August 4, 2012