Before the [Training A Virtual Assistant] business process workshop I was disorganized and scattered. After the workshop I had 1 process created, fleshed out the larger picture for my business and now have a place to start. This workshop was very helpful and I feel like I’m headed in the right direction.

Lisa McLaughlin Owner District Line Co.

I was unfocused about how to go about creating the numerous processes I need. Now I feel like I have a plan to move forward. And the template [for creating a process] is great!

Bess Terril Owner Be Well Bookkeeping

After the [Turning Leads into Clients Process] workshop I felt like a rockstar! I know how to set up my processes and am completely ready to get my business up and running smoothly. Lisa you are amazing! I cannot wait to use all of the information I learned today. Anyone thinking about taking this workshop…

Michelle Merritt The Merritt Team Real Estate Agency

I was doing some bookkeeping for a client, and I decided to document the process that I go through with them, complete with screenshots like Lisa recommended. And using Google Docs–again, like Lisa recommend. I also threw in a video tutorial in my documented process. Doing so took less time than I expected. I’m so excited! This…

Shawanda Greene Owner Ignited Financial

“I would love to contribute to your blog, think what you are doing is a fantastic idea, keep it up.”

Karl Williams Health Coach and Co Founder Williams DeVera

“Just saw your website and picked up 2 immediate ideas. Thanks!”

Pharaohs Army Fitness via Twitter