The Customer Process Workshop was helpful. I just need to make the time to do these tasks and make them systematic and regular. I’d take another workshop on follow-up messages when you offer one.

Lisa Shapiro Independent Consultant Monat and EVER Skincare

Most of my  processes before the [Customer Process] workshop felt quite scattered and unorganized. After the workshop, I am feeling more confident in the steps I need to take to outline each process for my business.

Viki Mutarelli Beauty Advisor Willing Beauty

Before the [Customer Process] workshop I was completely all over the place [with] no process. After the workshop I feel better. I need to spend some time documenting all the different types of processes that I need and then write them up. I can see how this will help my day job, my business, and…

Eva Reid Independent Consultant Jamberry and Pampered Chef

Before the [Customer Process] workshop I felt like I wasn’t efficient with the way I run my business. After the workshop I know that I need to put in processes in place with every facet of my business. I would take another online process workshop like this on a different topic relating to Network Marketing…

Anna Tjoumas Independent Consultant Pampered Chef

I really liked what we set up in the Customer Process Workshop [for following up with leads] and feel like I have a better grasp on on what processes are. After the workshop I feel confident I will be on the right track.

Carla Valentino Independent Damsel Pro Damsel in Defense

Before the [Training A Virtual Assistant] business process workshop I was disorganized and scattered. After the workshop I had 1 process created, fleshed out the larger picture for my business and now have a place to start. This workshop was very helpful and I feel like I’m headed in the right direction.

Lisa McLaughlin Owner District Line Co.