Why Work With Me

You want to make sure that every dollar you put towards growing your business is money well spent – especially when you’re choosing consulting services. Choose the wrong person and you’ve wasted not just money, but your limited time as well. I want you to know as much about me, my credentials, and how I’ve helped other businesses with their processes and workflows so you can rest assured when you work with me that you’re getting the best service and results. Find out more about me and my credentials on my About Me page.

Business Process testimonials:

Lisa is an amazing workshop leader and I’m deeply grateful for her leadership and expertise in creating processes. The Simplified Workflows for Sales Workshop was super focused and incredibly helpful! We talked about elements I didn’t realize are part of the process for me – super valuable!

~ Beth Offenbacker, owner, Waterford, Inc

The brainstorming segment and being able to dial in on the small segments was a valuable part of the workshop. I have already put into practice the system building project [I created during the Simplified Workflows for Marketing Processes Workshop] and am EXCITED! 

~Naomi Hattaway, owner, 8th & Home Real Estate & Relocation

Within a very short time, Lisa organized all of my notes and created repeatable processes for handling the internal Leaders program. She also created the FemLeader handbook and course content for the FemLeader Academy. Because of her amazing efforts, we have the systems and processes to exceed our original 2015 leader and membership goals!

Lisa is highly responsive and a master at organization and procedural logistics. Femworking has grown by leaps and bounds by having her on our team.

~ Kelley Sanabria, Founder & CEO at Femworking

Lisa created a comprehensive continuity book for 23 office policies and procedures. Her documentation and of standardized processes in a high turnover office prevented loss of knowledge critical to successful mission support.

~ Dave Myer, Chief Cryptologic Services, CSG NGA

Lisa Shaughnessy designed processes to use SharePoint, microblogging, and wiki platforms to give world-wide customers choice of channels for receiving time sensitive information; reduced time for receiving communications by 3 days; new channels adopted by 50% of customers within 2 months.

~ Jennifer Bulman, Chief, Marketing and Communications, DIA

Lisa led a team of three consultants and five government employees to implement a one million dollar transformation project of Strategic Account Management (SAM) processes that affected 20,000 customers world-wide. Her efforts transformed the previous SAM activities into a truly strategic organization and ensured SAMs were better equipped to do their jobs due to standardization and documentation of processes.

~ Tony Barker, Division Chief, Enterprise Engagement, DIA

Lisa Shaughnessy was the lead for an IT Process Team that developed detailed processes for the Agency-wide IT Requirements Board, ensuring that it would run smoothly and be a successful in fulfilling IT Requirements efficiently.

~ Pierre Perrin, Division Chief, Customer Relationship Management, DIA

Strategy and Speaking Testimonials:

Lisa Shaughnessy has worked directly in the trenches with me, helping an important client develop a social media strategy, and then implement it. We helped the client define their audiences, target their activity, and have watched them grow their exposure and influence.

Lisa was a great teammate, a great listener, and a great teacher! Highly recommend her!

~ Gary Levine, Owner/CEO, WSI Webmark

I asked Lisa Shaughnessy to speak to two undergraduate communications classes I teach at George Mason University. Her talk about defining and being true to your brand voice on social media gave my students an invaluable peek into how businesses should be communicating. She was an engaging and dynamic speaker who really knew her stuff!

If you’re looking for a speaker on social media or how your brand communicates online I highly recommend Lisa.

~ Suzie Carmack, Owner, CenteredBeing Studio

Lisa Shaughnessy presented “Getting Started with Social Media For Businesses” at one of the Community Business Partnership’s First Friday networking breakfasts. The positive response led to her teaching monthly social media seminars for us.

The small business owners who attended Lisa’s seminars gave very positive evaluations at the end of each class and walked away with actionable information to grow their online presence every time.

~ Pauline Leitch, Director, Women’s Business Center of Northern Virginia

“It was great to have [Lisa Shaughnessy] teach that it’s important to have a social media strategy and a plan and that doing less with a greater focus is far more productive than trying to cover everything. I loved that [Lisa] took the fear out of [social media] and let people know they don’t have to do it perfectly!” Thanks for doing a great job!

~ Lisa Bergman, doTERRA Business Conference

“You not only broke our attendance record on that date, but those who came but didn’t get a place at the table told me that they didn’t mind not eating lunch. They felt lucky to be able to hear your extremely informative presentation on using social media for your business and ask questions.”

~ Susanne Boehm, Committee Member, BWN Vienna

Content Writing Testimonials:

Lisa Shaughnessy was a regular contributing author to Fitness Professional Online from August 2012 to September 2013. Our readers, and their businesses, benefited greatly from her expert articles on a wide range of social media and communication topics. Every issue, we received nothing but positive feedback regarding what Lisa had to say.

Not only did she provide exceptional content but was also willing to go the extra mile to connect with readers.

~ Darcy Curry, Director of Operations at Branded Innovation – full service Internet Marketing, SEO, Web Design & Social Media

I love your writing and my audience will appreciate your insights on [the small business] topics. THANK YOU so much for contributing to Memoirs of a Clueless Woman – and such wonderful lessons learned and advice for readers. Anytime you have a story that you’d like to send over a post, I’m happy to host you.

Carin Kilby Clark, Founder, Memoirs of a Clueless Woman


Get Savvy About Twitter Course Testimonials:

I knew going into this course that I was not using Twitter to its full potential. The “Get Savvy About Twitter” course is a very thorough introduction to building an awesome Twitter account that you can use to magnify your business.

They make lessons easy to use whether you are tech savvy or not. The course offers great user friendly step by step business tips that you can implement right away. Each video and lesson guide provided a nugget that I had not considered in the past. Thanks so much for helping me to up my Twitter game.

~Shayla Boyd-Gill, CEO & Founder of L.A.B.O.R. Business Coaching

Get Savvy About Online Scheduling Course Testimonials:

I’m taking your Online Scheduling class and just scheduled posts to my Facebook page for the rest of this week thanks to your training!

It is so easy to schedule on Twitter and Facebook and so much easier than randomly scheduling stuff! I’m even starting an editorial calendar. I love it!!

~Michelle Winters, owner of SleepWell Sleep Solutions

“The [Get Savvy About Online Scheduling] course was SO full of actionable information related to scheduling posts on various platforms, types of content to post, and systems that could be utilized to make scheduling on social media much easier!

Even though social media can sometimes feel overwhelming, Lisa and Lisa from Savvy Digital Business presented the information in a calm and efficient manner, giving me the confidence to implement strategies RIGHT AWAY! I am so grateful for taking this course!”

~ Ariane Machin, owner of Machin Counseling and Sports Psychology and Hello Totes

Savvy Digital Business Content:

I enjoy the tips and information you share on your Facebook page and emails. It’s always a struggle to keep up with all the changes occurring in social media and you help to highlight those areas which should get my attention first. Many thanks!

~ Jerri Wiseman, Producer StageCoach Theatre Company

Thanks for all the great ideas Lisa. Everyone should know you and use your vast knowledge of social media!

~ Mike Brown, Sales Manager Creighton Enterprises Custom Homes


We thought the [Editorial Calendar] webinar contained useful information. We believe it will be useful as we prepare to get more involved with social media and connecting with our customers.

~ Trevor Brown

Your content plan is a great tool! It provides content creators useful suggestions on key elements to include with their posts, above and beyond the scheduling and tracking functions.

~ Gary Levine, Owner/CEO, WSI Webmark

Very helpful. Quick and to the point. [G]reat advice and first hand experience, [plus the] download of the editorial calendar!

~ Angela Moore, CEO Starfish PR

­­­­­­I loved that you showed us and the actual [editorial calendar] form that you use during the webinar. Very helpful.

~Felice Rollins, College and Career Coach

From when I did my Podcast, The Fitness Marketing Q&A Show

Here is what other fitness professionals are saying about The Fitness Marketing Q&A Show. I love the one from Sirena about it being a mini-mastermind so I’m keeping it at the top.

“So in a sense this is a mini mastermind or mini business group for the [fitness professionals] that you interview and for the people that are listening. I think it’s great that you’re doing this for trainers who are trying to define their own in the industry and make it out on their own.”
~Sirena Bernal, Nutrition and Lifestyle expert at SirenaBernal.com, December 2012

“I love what you are doing… I wish I had this resource when I first opened!”
~Quinn Williams, Owner of Kinetic Fitness, November 2013

“Lisa, I love your podcast show!  I’m working on becoming a NASM personal trainer and have been looking for info like this.” 

~ Marcus Brooks, Aspiring Personal Trainer, May 2013

“I absolutely LOVE your Fitness Marketing Q+A Show. I have read every single transcript and cannot get enough. I’m in the middle of reading the one you posted today! Thank you for doing them-I am learning so much.”

~ Carrie from ThisFitChick.net, May 2013

“Last year I took Martin Rooney’s TFW level 1 Cert. This changed my life in such a way that I became an affiliate, took the level 2 cert and am now working my way towards teaching/coaching full time and giving up my day job to open a facility. Your show and site have been invaluable to help avoid some common mistakes.”

~ Malcolm Taylor, TFWLondon Affiilate, April 2013

“I think that what you’re doing is awesome. I’ve been on your page and checking your stuff out and listening to all of your interviews too, and it’s really, really, really great. So thank you.”

~ Shawna Mendelson, owner of SM Fitness, April 2013

“I think it’s great that you are showcasing what other fitness professionals are doing as far as growing their brand and/or business.  Having only been training for about 5 years now, it’s especially helpful for someone like me to hear what more seasoned veterans are doing… and perhaps newer trainers can learn from some of the experiences that I’ve had so far. I truly think you are helping fill a void in the market for this type of information sharing.  I also like the fact that you are shedding light on more females in the industry… thank you!

I also wanted to let you know that I checked out the Resources page on your website and it’s fantastic… great info on there that I am definitely going to utilize!”

~ Maureen Faherty, personal trainer and owner of Fitness MoeJo, October 2012

“[Y]ou wrote a great article about that [social media]. In fact that’s changed the way weíve looked at our social media and are looking at it, with a new strategy based on some of the stuff that youíve posted. So thank you.”

“Lisa you’ve got some great information. I’m really impressed with what you’re doing and the information that you’re putting out there, it’s amazing stuff.”

~ Doug Holt, owner of Conditioning Specialists and Director of Operations for Fitness Professional Online, August 2012

“I got the idea from your site from a couple of people you had interviewed…I have a ton of pictures of the [athletes] training, sweating, everything is  here to put in your program ad.”

~ Ryan Rizor, owner of FOCUS Human Performance, August 2012

“Lisa Shaughnessy is one to take notes from – she’s in the focused niche of fitness.  But more than that, she also has social media expertise that she shares on her blog.  And she knows her stuff.  Her website is a wealth of information.”

~ Christine Brady, excerpt from post on Sweet Spot List Building website, August 2012

“Great site, Lisa! It’s easily navigable, looks good and is a great resource for social media information.”

~ Kevin Wells, Owner, Day One Garage Gym. May 2012

“Your site is incredible! What a great, and unique idea. I wish someone had provided [social media] in such a clear, manageable way”

~ Allison R., Marketing and Communications manager via email.  April 2012

~ From a Twitter conversation with Zach Even-Esh, owner of The Underground Strength Gym. April 2012

“I’ve found some great information on your website. Thank you!”

~ Amber Callahan, creator of PlantFit. April 2012


“Just saw your website and picked up 2 immediate ideas. Thanks!”

~ Pharaohs Army Fitness via Twitter April 2012


“I would love to contribute to your blog, think what you are doing is a fantastic idea, keep it up.”

Karl Williams, Health Coach and Co Founder of Williams DeVera. March 2012

“For you strength coaches and trainers in the crowd looking for some advice on how to use social media, to your advantage and to its fullest potential, I HIGHLY recommend you keep up with what Lisa is doing with her new business over at Agility Social Cues. She REALLY knows her stuff when it comes to marketing, and is tossing out tons of free knowledge bombs over at her website on a weekly basis.

Not to mention, she walks the walk of picking up heavy things. Need I say more? Do yourself a favor and head over there.”

~ Steve Reed, CSCS,  at SAPT excerpted from this blog post. March 2012