Lisa is very knowledgeable and gave insight from a perspective that was business specific and not just a General MLM standpoint. After the workshop, I felt energized with new ideas and processes to implement in the onboarding process. Breaking tasks down into smaller, less daunting targets for new team members will make onboarding more systemized…

Colleen Sullivan Independent Consultant Monat

The Customer Process Workshop was helpful. I just need to make the time to do these tasks and make them systematic and regular. I’d take another workshop on follow-up messages when you offer one.

Lisa Shapiro Independent Consultant Monat and EVER Skincare

Most of my  processes before the [Customer Process] workshop felt quite scattered and unorganized. After the workshop, I am feeling more confident in the steps I need to take to outline each process for my business.

Viki Mutarelli Beauty Advisor Willing Beauty

Before the [Customer Process] workshop I was completely all over the place [with] no process. After the workshop I feel better. I need to spend some time documenting all the different types of processes that I need and then write them up. I can see how this will help my day job, my business, and…

Eva Reid Independent Consultant Jamberry and Pampered Chef

Before the [Customer Process] workshop I felt like I wasn’t efficient with the way I run my business. After the workshop I know that I need to put in processes in place with every facet of my business. I would take another online process workshop like this on a different topic relating to Network Marketing…

Anna Tjoumas Independent Consultant Pampered Chef

I really liked what we set up in the Customer Process Workshop [for following up with leads] and feel like I have a better grasp on on what processes are. After the workshop I feel confident I will be on the right track.

Carla Valentino Independent Damsel Pro Damsel in Defense