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How inkerB Consulting Helps Your Business

You want to grow and scale your business. You want to delegate tasks to the lowest level possible to free up precious time. You want to deliver a consistent experience to your customers. And you want to prevent those costly mistakes that cost you time, money and clients. inkerB Consulting has your solutions to all of those.

I'm Lisa Shaughnessy, founder and principal at inkerB Consulting. I use my 25 years' expertise in a variety of "managements": process, requirements, project, and customer relationship in the government, corporate, and small business settings to help you organize and streamline your business activities into repeatable processes. I also have an extensive network that I can draw on for support in any business field my clients need.

The name, inkerB, is a daily reminder to be open to new ideas for my business and my clients. How can I help you be more efficient and effective in your daily work? What platforms and services make the most sense for your workflow? What isn't working for you right now and why? One of my favorite articles that I wrote is Why the Real Problem Isn't What You Think It Is. That's the mindset and thinking that fueled my first memorable idea at 3 years old (see the Inker Binker story below) and continues with inkerB Consulting today.

What's up with the name inkerB Consulting?

As many of you know, one of the hardest parts about starting a business is naming it. I racked my brain and did a mind dump of all of the words that came to mind: process, system, value, business, simplified, etc, etc. But they all sounded bland. blah, and sterile - ugh! Plus, as Radiance Harris, a fabulous IP lawyer I know told me, you're better off picking a unique name to avoid trademark issues down the road.

Mary and Lisa
Mary (6 yrs) and Lisa (5 yrs) Hemenway

I was talking with my sister Mary during the time I decided to make the leap and become an LLC. Our conversation wandered to one of my earliest ideas when I was 3 years old. It was a jar filled halfway with water with a red pencil in it. I called it the Inker Binker (hey I was 3!) and thought it was a cool way to have a watercolor pencil. And yes, I know that's a thing, but my 3 year old self didn't. To me it was an original idea that I dreamed up from wanting to do something I couldn't up to that point - have a watercolor pencil. It started me off on a whole lifetime path of ideas, brainstorming, and experimenting with concepts.

During our chat, Mary and I hit on the idea to somehow incorporate the inker binker name and feeling into my business. The name inkerB Consulting was thrown out there and it just felt right. 

About that logo....

Jennifer Andos of Paperfish Creative perfectly channeled my story into my fabulous logo. I didn't want only a name that reminded me of the feeling of creating. I wanted to use elements from the actual idea. So Jen added a jar which also becomes an interesting standalone logo when the B is added to it. The red pencil from the Inker Binker underscores the name and becomes a forward moving arrow that embodies my tagline of Process Driven Success.

inkerB Consulting is the best for B2B Small Businesses in:

During this interactive workshop with your team members I’ll use the 7 steps in the Creating Your Process Worksheet to guide participants through documenting the steps of the designated process. Any extra time will be spent discussing automation and tools along with supporting documents such as email templates, checklists, forms, policies, and procedures.
I use a tool to capture all of your processes without worrying about sequence so we have a solid baseline. Using a series of questions, we will work together to evaluate each process and determine its necessity, streamlining the processes that align with your goals or support your overall business objectives.
There is no one-size fits all solution. That’s why I use a 5-step approach to create processes that are tailor-made for your business: assess, prioritize, create, dry run, train.